58 years of dazzling incentives & events in Greece, by La Greca DMC – We achieve the impossible!!


& Management games

Based on our motto that “we achieve the impossible” here are some of our management game concepts that we have been organizing in order to motivate our customers for “MEMORABLE INCENTIVES, CONFERENCES & EVENTS”, inspired by the Greek mythology and the heritage of Greece:

  • The Labors of Hercules
  • The contest of Athena Pallas and Poseidon for the patronage of the city of Athens
  • Mini Olympics
  • Kite competition
  • Greek cooking classes/competition
  • Treasure hunt (different concepts), chariot races, Jeep Safaris, Rallies
  • Sailing competition – a convoy of bare boats with or without skipper
  • Oratory contest like Plato in the Ancient Agora
  • The search for Alexander (Thessaloniki)
  • The Trojan War (on chartered vessels)
  • The lost Atlantis in Santorini – Nomikos convention hall
  • Santorini volcano eruption recreation, ending up with the logo of the company in question.
  • Ladies’ programs (Fashion shows, jewelry workshop, etc.)
  • Off the beaten track functions (donkey rides, olive gathering, vintage, etc.)



The F.I.T. personalized attention for any size group – conference – meeting – incentive is guaranteed by LA GRECA D.M.C.