58 years of dazzling incentives & events in Greece, by La Greca DMC – We achieve the impossible!!

Nothing is stronger than people!!

Nothing is stronger than people!!

At La Greca, we love creating inspiring events. One of them, was a “Mini Olympic Games” contest, for a group of…ladies.


We took the permission from the Greek governments, to use the magnificent marble Stadium in Athens, for a kind of games called “Pentathlon” (in Greek, meaning five athletic games, which are):


  • Discus throwing
  • Javelin
  • Wrestling
  • Jumping
  • Running


The specific group, was very active and, among it members, there were two ladies, around 85 years old. We were much concerned about them and, dared to remark, with a very kind and discreet way:


“You are doing very well but, maybe you should not participate in all the games”.



The ladies, gave us an unexpected answer:


“We have been in Greece, five years ago, with your agency. Don’t you remember us?

We decided to return this year to Greece, in order to see if we can still make it!”



These two ladies, were coming from Australia, senior citizens and both, teachers of the Greek classical studies.


They have been saving money for 5 years, to materialize this trip again!!



God bless you, ladies and, congratulations!!

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